Let us know if you can make it!


Hey family and pals, we really want you to come and celebrate with us, so you're invited to our big special day!

Sunday, September 30th, 2018
Downtown Victoria, BC


2:00pm, Ceremony

The Atrium, 800 Yates Street

6:30pm, Reception

Victoria Public Market

There should be some cozy homes/apartments to rent in Victoria, especially in the downtown core.

Airbnb ($45.00 off)

The Parkside Hotel and Spa is a ten minute walk away from the Atrium, where our ceremony will be held.

Parkside Hotel

The ceremony and reception venues are a ten minute walk from one another. If you're staying nearby and are able, we'd reccommend walking.

If you need to drive, here's a map of where you can park for free (City of Victoria parking is free on Sundays).

View Map

We won’t be creating a gift registry, because we aren't expecting any gifts! Your presence at our big special day is our present. Yay!